Black Mamba Fat Burner Review and Side Effects

black mamba fat burner review and side effects Fat loss has turned into probably the most popular topics recently, and different weight loss pills have got to the marketplace to help you with it.

Welcome to the Black Mamba fat burner review and side effects report.

Black Mamba Hyper Rush is one of many pills that you can buy. However, sometimes it can get too powerful for many consumers.

This ephedra extract product is on the list of most powerful ephedra pills available.

The FDA is advising customers not to make use of this fat loss product because it includes sibutramine which is a substance that had got prohibited from the industry in 2010.

Pros and Cons


  1. It enables your body to lose fat fast and well.
  2. It increases alertness and focus.
  3. It raises the user’s mindset and boosts the energy levels that they could work out more time.
  4. It does not need the person to change the diet since the product prevents the appetite.
  5. It improves your body’s metabolism.


  1. The product has ephedra, that is a prohibited substance because it contains some severe side effects.
  2. It is strong hence makes the user feel sick.
  3. Also, this product is hard to find.
  4. It is somewhat expensive than other weight loss supplements plus does not come with cash back guarantee.
  5. It includes phenolphthalein, that is not an approved ingredient in drugs and is likely cancer-causing compound.
  6. The Food and Drug Administration has cautioned against this product usage.
  7. The company has given little information regarding the product; thus users do not know a lot about it.

Black Mamba Fat Burner Review and Side Effects

Black Mamba Hyperrush created by a brand called Innovative Laboratories. Also, they have had success along with other products, for example, Diable ECA fire caps and Hellfire.

There is little info available concerning this company as they do not have a reliable internet presence.

Their specialty is supplement drugs like this Hyper Rush product. We wish we could tell more about the company, but the info is simply not available.

The product does not interact nicely with other pills, which might get dangerous. It includes ephedra, that is the extract from an ephedra plant. Although medicinal, supplements from the plant are banned.

A few of the active ingredients included in the Black Mamba connected with several side effects such as consciousness loss, heart palpitations, strokes, muscle disorders, seizures, and irregular heartbeat.

They have significant side effects that consist of a rise in blood pressure as well as heart rate, which is dangerous for users having heart disorders.


The Black Mamba contains a unique ingredient blend that works together to help throughout workouts.

Listed below are the ingredient list included in this product:

  • Fimbriata: It is created from the cactus and also claimed to control appetite.
  • Ephedra: It is the ephedra plant extract, and it boosts the metabolism of the body. It is intended to function as a stimulant and appetite suppressant. It includes alkaloids instead of ephedrine.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: It improves the consumer’s mood and increases their metabolic rate of the body. Also, it increases energy levels and alertness.

Other minor ingredients include green tea, citrus aurantium, and tyramine that also help lose weight and supercharged energy and metabolism levels.

How Does This Black Mamba Hyper Rush Work?

Only a few of the controlled ingredients amounts provided which makes it difficult to tell just how the product works.

Citrus aurantium ensures your body is losing fat instantly. Then caffeine anhydrous ingredient works to improve the user mood and relieve fatigue to enable them to work out longer.

The Black Mamba fat burner takes about 45 minutes or so to achieve the results. What is even more interesting is it boosts the body metabolism by 22 percent.

Even though the product supports the customers to lose fat, the health hazards involved are high. Nevertheless, the ingredients primarily include stimulants that suggest the item is a dietary supplement.


The product, despite the side effects, offers good results. The outcomes are claimed to be instant. It results in a significant weight loss rate.

Because of the moderate dosages of caffeine and ephedra in this pill, we should say this supplement is ideal for users with at the very least a bit experience with fat burners.

In case, you have a bit experience under the belt, and also you need something which will give you results quicker, we do suggest Black Mamba Hyper Rush as a choice.

Also, consumers will find they received increased energy levels, are more careful, and have great mental focus. However, many of it is users have reported several side effects because of the drug strength.

Some of the claims of this product are listed below:

  • It raises the user’s power to concentrate during workouts.
  • It claims to offer long-lasting energy.
  • It boosts the body metabolism with a substantial rate.
  • Some customers stated the product provides instant effects.
  • It lowers the user appetite; thus they do not put up extra fat.
  • It helps to reduce fatigue while in exercise sessions.

Is This Supplement a Scam?

Some people claim this product do not work and is counterfeit. It does work.

It works instantly and is effective, but the results do not last long. Therefore, the consumer gets overdependent on this drug.

However, although it does work, it contains many side effects and drawbacks.

This product is not an over-the-counter supplement, plus one experiences a bit difficulty before buying this fat burner. It is out there in a selected amount of authorized stores.

You can order it from the official site of Innovative Laboratories as well.

Although this supplement has proven outcomes, we would recommend consumers to stay away from this pill because the health risks incorporated are dangerous.

Evaluating the likely side effects, you can tell it is not worth the danger despite many users say they have lost lots of weight.

People who plan to get this supplement should choose a secure alternative.

We hope you found our Black Mamba fat burner review and side effects report useful. We would like to hear about your story with this dietary supplement.

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    1. Usually the metabolism is high during morning and slows down after noon. So you typically need to boost your metabolism post lunch. It’s ideal to take it post lunch.
      If one is healthy with a good cardio then can take one more pill in the evening. However I won’t recommend this

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