Duodenal Switch Before and After

duodenal switch before and after What could it feel as if to shed 150 lbs if not more? Simply imagine that. Or to get free from tiredness, joint pain, higher blood pressure, aching, and other diseases associated with obesity?

Let us say this straight duodenal switch surgery can work properly to help a few people to shed pounds. However, it might not be the right or appropriate decision for everybody who needs to slim down.

However, before we share duodenal switch before and after pictures, you should have a complete understanding of precisely what it entails, including the benefits and risks. Furthermore, you must make long-term adjustments to your eating habits and lifestyle following the surgery.

You can find out more about this weight loss surgery below.

Are You a Candidate?

The DS procedure might or might not work well for you. Because it is technically demanding and a longer surgery compared to a gastric bypass or gastric band.

In case, you have existing mineral or vitamin deficiencies, severe reflux, or irritable bowel symptom; then an alternative surgery can be a much better fit.

You will have to remain highly focused on taking vitamin and protein supplements daily for the remainder of your lifetime.

If you are ready to drop some weight, maintain it, and change your life, DS surgery may be your powerful fat loss option. It is essential to note results including recovery time differ patient to patient and is not guaranteed.

Advantages of Duodenal Switch

  1. It might reduce hunger.
  2. You will probably improve or heal all or most of the obesity-related comorbidities.
  3. You do not get chronic syndrome by eating sugar like gastric bypass.
  4. Because this surgery is both restrictive and malabsorptive, almost everybody loses weight.
  5. Its success rate is high when done from an experienced and a highly skilled surgeon.


Complications from the procedure are low yet can be severe:

  1. You will need to consume vitamins for the remainder of your lifestyle.
  2. Most bariatric surgeons don’t offer this facility.
  3. It can take operating time of over 6 hours.
  4. You may face nutritional deficiencies.
  5. You will need to change the diet to eat enough healthy foods. In case, the dietary guideline not followed, you may regain weight following substantial weight loss.
  6. Intestinal leak and stomach leak.
  7. Infection and excess bleeding.
  8. Severe malnutrition and bowel obstruction.

How This Surgery Works?

This procedure makes use of staples to decrease your belly size to around 30 percent of its regular size. It limits the food amount you can take in a single sitting.

Food still goes through the belly to its regular entry into the intestine. Then it is reconnected and re-routed farther down the intestine. It creates significant calories malabsorption.


Duodenal Switch produces long-term excellent weight reduction according to clinical reporting. It is before and after photos is genuinely astonishing.

Many studies and surgeons report 70-80 percent excess fat loss with long-term follow-up of the patient. Think about how that will feel.

Important Safety Information

The BPD-DS procedure is significant surgery thus should get considered when only other fat reduction methods have failed.

How Much Does it Cost?

Its sometimes covered with insurance. Check out your insurance coverage carrier for DS.

The cost depends on the surgeon you select, the hospital charges, and other variables. On average, prices range between $13,000 to $20,000.

Have you had a DS surgery? Share your testimonials, stories duodenal switch surgery before and after pictures for future patients.

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