Reasons Why 75% of Americans Opts Paid Weight Loss Programs

[l2r_note note_color=”#d6f6ff”]You can read this page to find out why many people in the U.S opts for a paid membership or program for losing weight when the web flooded with loads of free diet tips and strategies. You will be shocked and surprised to discover the reasons behind this theory.[/l2r_note]

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Below are a few Brief Stats about Obesity

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  • Approximately [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]60 percent Americans[/l2r_highlight] are being affected by obese or overweight.
  • There are currently [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]1,652,340,813+[/l2r_highlight] overweight individuals in the world.
  • People spent average [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]$40 billion[/l2r_highlight] in weight loss related products and diets.
  • Around [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]50 million[/l2r_highlight] Americans diet each year.
  • An estimated [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]60% women[/l2r_highlight] are interested in losing weight compared to [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]40% of men[/l2r_highlight].
  • The age group of [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]25-34[/l2r_highlight] accounts for [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]73%[/l2r_highlight] of dieters.
  • [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]1 to 2 pounds[/l2r_highlight]; the average weight loss per week if you reduce [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]500-1,000 calories[/l2r_highlight].
  • [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]19%[/l2r_highlight] lose weight via exercise alone while [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]47%[/l2r_highlight] did so with both exercise and diet.
  • Asian countries have the [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]lowest obesity rate[/l2r_highlight] compared to rest of Europe.
  • [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]2 in 3[/l2r_highlight] adults think they are over their ideal weight.


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Now we will have a look at a few WORST Effects of Obesity

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    • An overweight person has a higher risk of diseases such as [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]heart attack, diabetes,[/l2r_highlight] etc.
    • You will feel [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]tired, depressed, and unable to move[/l2r_highlight] as you would have liked.
    • It harms young people and children through [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]behavioral and emotional[/l2r_highlight] aspects.
    • Being fat will put you on the back foot when it comes to [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]self-confidence[/l2r_highlight].
    • [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]Fear of failure[/l2r_highlight] at whatever done is high be it a diet, physical activities, or daily routine life.
    • You have an increased likelihood of becoming [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]overweight adults forever[/l2r_highlight] due to the ill-health condition.
    • It is easy to put on weight quickly but [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]not so easy to reduce it overnight[/l2r_highlight] using so-called magic pills.
    • You tend to get addicted to [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]bad food habits and practices.[/l2r_highlight]
    • Obesity could threaten to become a [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]genetically-related issue[/l2r_highlight] that affects your future generation.
    • Most importantly, obesity may even kill you as it can trigger [l2r_highlight background=”#FFFF00″]stroke or cancer.[/l2r_highlight]



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Reasons Why Others are Choosing Diet Program

[l2r_note note_color=”#dff0d8″]In this section, we will let you know the secrets why most of the people are paying for diet programs instead of using all the free materials available throughout the internet. Not to mention, the several billion dollars spent on fat loss programs in the USA alone.

U.S. Weight Loss Market Worth Over 60 Billion
This snippet was taken from Worldometers
Statistics on Weight Loss Programs
Stats Courtesy: image taken at 18/12/2017


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Biggest Problems with Free Weight Loss Tips and Plans

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  • Free plans not designed for a specific group of people in mind. They created for the general crowd which will not suit everybody.
  • Most of the times it will be impossible to get support or update from the source.
  • Online diet or weight loss sites not owned by medical experts recognized in the industry. They write information but do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the treatment and have no obligation towards you.
  • disclaimer example
    Here’s example of what a weight loss blog disclaimer look like
  • Because free weight loss plans prepared by bloggers or freelance writers who are not recognized in the medical industry most of them do not understand what are the possible side effects and injuries it might cause.


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Risks of using Pills and Supplements

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  • Both supplements and pills are subject to significant side effects outweighing their pros. Not all products cause side effects, but it is just not worth the risk.
  • The majority of the companies or brands behind such products are not trusted sources and does not possess a reliable track record in supplements business. Finding the genuine manufacturer may prove to be harder.
  • The list of ingredients used on these pills may not be suitable or appropriate for everybody. Some, in fact, contains banned substances (which FDA blacklisted) yet claim to be free of side-effects. Put on your reading glasses before going through the bottle label.
  • Most of the pills are not 100% organic or natural. As mentioned above, they contain artificial and banned ingredients which can put you on the firing line when trying to shed some pounds.
  • As promised, these magic weight loss products often provide instant results they claimed. However, the sad truth is they do not last as long as you would have wanted. You can expect only short-term benefits which are very disappointing for the money you spent.


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Real Reported Truth about Weight Loss Program from Active Customers

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  • Official sites of real fat loss programs are designed professionally presenting everything you need to know about that particular program including who should use and should not use this program, e.g., post-pregnancy can differ from regular weight loss.
  • These programs will let you know before anything what kind of approach they take so you will be able to decide if this method is suitable for you or not.
  • To maintain their standards the weight loss program will provide simple and easy to follow instructions to do everything (preparation, diet, recipes, exercises, etc.) correctly.
  • Since you are paying a customer, they will always allocate time to you to resolve any of your problems if you encounter. Most of the time you could call or e-mail, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • The real programs who are confident on their weight loss approach will offer no question asked money back guarantee up to 90 days which can give you enough time to test out and see the results for yourself without any risks.
  • Real programs designed by experts in the field of weight loss and diet. These credentials usually showed on their official sites or sales site. You could even contact them and ask for proof if you are not satisfied.


[l2r_heading size=”25″ margin=”30″]Even due to the vastness of the programs on the internet there are about 75% of plans are fake or rehashed methods based on other products or free tips available on the internet. So, when you are checking out a plan to lose weight which has proven; make sure to check a tested and the one who follows all the above pointers.[/l2r_heading]

[l2r_note note_color=”#FFFF00″]To save you the time or money wasted we went out and looked out for a real and proven weight loss program which you can get started if you like or which follows all the facts mentioned above in this article.[/l2r_note]

The 2 week diet official logo We chose this program by personally buying popular programs and also by analyzing other real customer experiences. We do not rely just on typical customer reviews or fake video testimonials found on the web. After so many hours invested we ultimately found a program which satisfied even us with all the factors mentioned above. You could look it and decide on your own.

The 2 Week Diet System

Their Claim

Below screenshot was taken from official website of this weight loss program.

product claim

The main reason why we trusted this product is that the author makes a strong claim by giving a full refund if you do not see the results.

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The Man Behind the Product

author brian flatt 300x300

Brian Flatt
Professional Nutritionist and Trainer
Creator of the 2 Week Diet Program

Real-time Customer Stats

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recent customers stats

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Where to Buy

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